The Second Wind...

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​​​Silence Is Golden

June 6, 2018

…”Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise” (Frank Ocean)

In this season, choose to move in silence. Have you ever been told that phrase before? If not, get acquainted with that phrase- move in silence. It can be more easily said than done. Sure, you just landed your dream job and you want to show the world (social media) how happy you are, but you must realize that just as happy as you are- there is someone who isn’t happy for you. Social media has become the platform to display all levels of success. It seems to be everyone’s “diary”. When we are happy, we post about it. When we want to deliver perspective, we retweet. When we need opinions, we create a facebook poll or ask for facebook recommendations. It is true that sometimes the very people we share our thoughts and ideas with can turn out to be the very people who wish on our downfall. For that reason, it is important to stay vigilant and hold your dreams and ideas close to heart. This principle and instruction is a proven fact. Online researchers have discovered that when you keep your goals and dreams a secret, you are more likely to achieve them. The science behind it is simple- accomplishments are far more rewarding than aspirations. See, when you announce to the world that you are planning to do something, you are now responsible for making those things happen. You now have to deal with the pressures of completing the tasks and will have to deal with the disappointment of everyone if unable to achieve the tasks. Although announcing your goals and dreams can bring on just as much accolades and kudos as if you accomplished them, it makes actually pursuing those goals less exciting. You have already received the congratulatory rewards, so what now? Exactly! The thrill of it all has already been received so you’re less likely to strive for more. In this season, keep silent. Work hard behind the scenes. Achieve your goals and then announce them. The excitement of actually fulfilling your own desires and aspirations will be far more appreciating and rewarding in the end. Let the haters be your motivators. For what the world can’t see, they assume. You might as well give them something good to assume about!

“Do something today, that your future self will thank you for” (Unknown)

-J.D. Merrill-

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker