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SMILE believes in inspiring, leading, and empowering the single mom community. We are striving to uplift, encourage, and offer support to single moms all across the world. Ultimately, we want to be the liaison between the single mom community and the resources available to them.

Our goal is to support  single moms..

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SMILE is desiring to spread the love for single moms all across the world. We want to express the appreciation for single moms by acknowledging their dedication and commitment through our inspiring and motivational support wear and products. Let's empower single moms globally.

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SMILE is striving to promote empowerment through motivational events and workshops devoted to teaching inspiration, leadership, and empowerment. We are devoted to connecting single moms to programs, outreaches, resources, and various services that can assist their families and make a difference in the world.


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A short story from one single mom to another…

I remember staring in the mirror one day, and I began thinking about life and how I wanted my future to look. I saw myself, a few kids, and a man standing right beside me. Just as I began dreaming of that future, reality hit. As I stood in the mirror, I only saw myself. It had been so long since I just stopped and stared at myself. I almost didn’t recognize me. Hundreds of thoughts began bombarding my head. I began panicking because I realized that I was dreaming. There was a void there and I didn’t know how to fill it. I didn’t know how to look at ME and realize I was enough. I wanted to look at myself and be happy. I wanted to look at myself and know that I could achieve anything that I set my mind to. I wanted to be happy with the reflection in the mirror. Then one day, I came across a woman, whose story provided me with all the courage I needed to believe that I was enough. This is her story…

I met a phenomenal woman 8 years ago. She had just given birth to her first child. She was only 19 years old. She had just graduated high school and was in her freshman year of college. She did not know what obstacles were ahead of her. She was scared and afraid of the future; Not because she had just become a mother, but because she realized she was going to be a single -mother. She had no college degree yet. No job. No future goals for herself- or her family. She was lost. One day while looking in her daughter’s eyes, she felt an internal yearning that is still, today, indescribable. As she dazed in her eyes she saw the reflection of herself. Despite her current circumstance, she saw greatness. Just as she began staring further at herself, a huge smile came across her baby’s face. At that time, her child gave her all the hope she needed to be strong in this journey, even though she would be walking the journey alone. Even today, a single mother of 2, she is still walking that journey alone. Somewhere along the way, she discovered that she was enough. She discovered that the gifts God gave her were to save her. Her children became her hope and her future. They motivated her to become a better her, and eventually, her reflection in their eyes became her inspiration.

My reflection in their eyes is still my inspiration…. That woman was me. I met MYSELF 8 years ago.

I was the woman looking in the mirror lost and confused. I was also the woman who found grace in her child’s eyes. I found myself through the eyes of my first born. As each day go by, I learn more of the Woman I am through the love of my children. My children give me the strength to face every obstacle I encounter. If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be that lost girl staring in the mirror with just the reflection of herself. Now today, I stare at the mirror with 2 additional sets of eyes staring back at me. Now, my reflection is enough, because I realize my children helped me redefine what being whole means. Being a single mother does not mean that there is a void or an absence. It means that where ordinary laid, now rests EXTRAORDINARY.

Where passion laid, now rests PURPOSE.

To all my single moms, please know that you are more than enough. Your strength increased with the birth of your child(ren). You are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to do. You have the power to make a difference in lives of your children each day you wake up to grace the earth with another day of life. I encourage you to be strong in your pursuit. Be courageous in your journey. Be brave in this walk.

“For when you look in the mirror, let your presence fill any void that ever existed. For YOU are enough and don’t you ever forget it.”

 -J.D. Merrill-


SMILE is striving to promote empowerment through motivational events and workshops devoted to teaching inspiration, leadership, and empowerment. We are devoted to connecting single moms to programs, outreaches, resources, and various services that can assist their families and make a difference in the world.






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-JD Merrill -

 Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

J. D. Merrill is an author, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur.

She is a proud and dedicated mother of two school-age children whom she adores.

Outside of working full time in the healthcare IT management field for a global healthcare company, she is an advocate for single mom empowerment.

 J. D. Merrill has established a local Christian business devoted to inspiring, leading, and empowering the single-mom community.

She has named this business SMILE, which stands for Single Moms Inspiring, Leading, and Empowering. SMILE is located in Kansas City’s Northland. Servicing both Kansas and Missouri, SMILE is devoted to uplifting the single-mom community while hosting events and workshops throughout the year to provide the inspiration, leadership, and empowerment our single moms need in order to smile.

 SMILE is striving to make a huge impact by making global awareness of the lack of attention and assistance that exists concerning the heavily populated single-mom communities all across the world.

 SMILE’s ultimate goal is to be the liaison for single moms in need and local community outreaches and resources.

 J. D. Merrill has a passion to help women, and she is striving to make that known everywhere she goes. Ultimately, she hopes the concepts and principles written in this book will allow her the opportunities to share her story with single moms all across the world.

If you would like for J. D. Merrill to speak at your event, please contact her directly at [email protected]




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