“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

I am Michelle Diana Frye and my journey as a single mother has been a true test of my faith. My journey has been full of trials and tribulations, headaches, many life learned lessons, and full of joy. As a single mother I have learned how to be both a mother and a father to my children. In the process I have learned to sacrifice myself by putting myself last so that they can always come first. Through my journey I have learned the true definition of Genesis 3:16. “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception.” After delivering my second child, I was pronounced a “code blue.” Well, I can say that God was truly not finished with me yet. Through the grace of God I am still here and working to fulfill the purpose that He has set for me.

I have not always been a single mother, I was married once. My marriage did not work as I had prayed. Some would say my marriage failed, some made fun of my situation but I would say God knew what was best for my children and I. As a single mother, I have learned to be strong, forgiving, patient, content, and loving. I am who I am today because I know that it means to be with and to be without. Philippians 4:12 has shaped me into the courageous woman I am today. That courage has given me the will to both help and inspire others. I have grown passionate to be an inspiration to young girls and woman of all ages. My passion to inspire others has allowed me to be involved in my community.

In my spare time I have become a part of Pretty Camp Mentoring Program (PC). PC is for young girls ages four to 14 and the purpose of the camp is to use my life to inspire and motivate these young girls to go for their dreams. In addition to PC, I am a part of the K-MOM Dental Non-Profit Organization, Harvesters Food, and the assistant director for the children’s ministry at Empowerment Temple Church.

As a single mother, juggling everything that is going on in my life isn’t the easiest. Even though it hasn’t been an easy journey, I would tell another single mother to know your self-worth, learn from your mistakes, and to keep pressing toward the prize that is before them. You are more than “just” a mom. You are everything that your child or children needs you to be. If you keep God first in everything you do, He will provide you with everything you need.



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