The Second Wind...

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​​​"Lane Ends Ahead"

February 14h, 2018

Have you ever been traveling on the highway and you notice that the lane you are in is coming to an end up ahead and rather than moving to another lane, you ride the lane out all the way until you couldn’t travel any further? There has been many time that I have found myself in that situation. Aware of what was ahead of me, I would still follow course because I thought I was getting ahead of everyone around me. I thought that cheating traffic was going to get me to my destination quicker- but that is not what generally happens right? In all actuality, what really happens is it causes a delay rather than advance. We drive full speed, attempting to beat the traffic, and then we end up at a sudden halt. Then we have to spend several minutes trying to find a way we can squeeze into traffic. A lot of times, we have to sit there and just wait, watching all the other people drive by and head to their destination. See, had we not tried to rush and cheat the process, we would’ve made it to our destination without delay.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like life?

We know where we are going (or think we know) and we set foot to travel, only to move at our own pace rather than trusting the pace of God. We don’t like delays so we rush the route- only to find out doing things on our own timing causes us an even further delay to our destination (or destiny). We find ourselves at a standstill, just watching everyone else around us reach their destination and pursue their destiny.

There is an old saying that says, “He may not come when you want him, but He’ll be right on time”. That phrase/lyric is so applicable to the timing of God. A lot of times, we try to rush God, not even realizing that God knows the end of our route before we do. He knows the plans that He has for us, so why rush the process? Another analogy is like baking a cake. The instructions tell you exactly how long the cake needs to bake for the best results. But what do we do when we are in a rush? We adjust the temperature and decrease the time to force the cake to cook at a faster rate. Then we find out that the cake did not bake properly. Why? Because we didn’t follow instruction and trust the process.

I encourage you to trust Gods timing in all your life. Everything happens for a reason and when we try to rush in life, we inevitably doubt Gods process.

Have faith, be patient, and trust the process!

“To us, waiting is wasting but To God, waiting is WORKING”. (Louie Giglio)

-J.D. Merrill-

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker