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​​​"A Dollar's Worth"

December 5th, 2017

I remember reading a powerful story one day that ultimately changed my perception of myself and I’d like to share that story with you:

One day, a college Professor was teaching his classroom of 200 students when he decided to teach them a valuable lesson, literally. He begins by pulling a twenty-dollar bill out of his pocket and raising it in the air. He shouts out, “Who wants this twenty-dollar bill”? As one would assume, every student in the classroom raised their hand in excitement. He then proceeds to take that twenty-dollar bill and crumble it in his hands. He watched all the facial expressions in the room suddenly change. He then proceeds to ask again, “Who wants this twenty-dollar bill”? To his surprise, all 200 of the students, yet again, raised their hand in excitement. Trying to alter their perception, he decides to dig deeper into his lesson. He takes the crumbled twenty-dollar bill and throws it on the ground. He begins to stomp on it and grind the twenty-dollar bill to the ground with his muddy, worn-out shoe. The faces of all the students began to drop as they realized he was destroying a perfectly good twenty-dollar bill. Presuming the interests of the students had decreased, the Professor then picks the crumbled and dirty twenty-dollar bill up and holds it in the air. He asks, for the final time, “Who wants this twenty-dollar bill”? Unbelievably, all 200 students raised their hands in eagerness and excitement. The Professor then humbly said, “You all have just learned a valuable lesson, class is dismissed”. See, no matter what he had done to the twenty-dollar bill, it never lost its value. Just like the twenty-dollar bill, many of us have undergone torment, destruction, and have suffered struggle- but we never lost our strength. We never lost our value.

It’s the struggles and obstacles in life that build our character and strengthen our faith. No matter what you have faced or are facing right now, you have enough strength and power to overcome it. You were born with value, and every hurdle you jump over is increasing your endurance in life. No matter what someone has done to you or what struggle you’ve encountered- rise above it and know that you have enough value to defeat it. Don’t give up, press on and know that each obstacle is building you up for a victory that no one can claim but you.

You have value.

“Never let the result of what you have done, determine the outcome of who you become”

​​​"What A Waste"

November 16, 2017

The other day, I was scrolling through a social media site when I came across a meme that was comical yet enlightening. It is a popular meme that has made its way to various social media platforms. The meme consisted of a picture of a baby that had one of the infamous 'Explosive Accident'  moments. The picture showed the baby covered from head to toe in the product of what they had consumed that day.

The meme said "Just throw the whole baby away".

I immediately laughed because being a mother myself, I can think of the times I came across that issue when my children were infants. All you can think about is the hour long struggle ahead of  trying to remove the soiled linens and trying to figure out how you were going to combat the situation.

As I read that meme I came to a few realizations.

How many times have we made an "Accident" or  huge mistake and we thought that it would be easier if we just disappeared or threw ourselves away?

Just like the baby, I can recall times where I made huge mistakes and it seemed like that was the only thing people saw. It seemed like there was no where I could hide. No matter what I did, people were going to know that I had made an accident. It had seemed like "Throwing Ourselves Away" was going to be the easy way out. THAT IS NOT TRUE !

We all make mistakes, that is what makes us human.

The wonderful thing about God is that every day we wake up, we are graced with another opportunity to live right and make better choices.

No matter what mistake or accident you have made in life,

throwing yourself away is not the option.

No matter what you have done, you are not excluded from the Grace of God.