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SMILE believes in inspiring, leading, and empowering the single mom community. We are striving to uplift, encourage, and offer support to single moms all across the world. Ultimately, we want to be the liaison between the single mom community and the resources available to them.

Our goal is to support  single moms..

one SMILE at a time.

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SMILE is striving to promote empowerment through motivational events and workshops devoted to teaching inspiration, leadership, and empowerment. We are devoted to connecting single moms to programs, outreaches, resources, and various services that can assist their families and make a difference in the world.


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Our Products

SMILE is desiring to spread the love for single moms all across the world. We want to express the appreciation for single moms by acknowledging their dedication and commitment through our inspiring and motivational support wear and products. Let's empower single moms globally.

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Together We Can. Together We Will.

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-J.D. Merrill -

 Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

J. D. Merrill is an author, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur.

She is a proud and dedicated mother of two school-age children whom she adores.

Outside of working full time in the healthcare IT management field for a global healthcare company, she is an advocate for single mom empowerment.

 J. D. Merrill has established a local Christian business devoted to inspiring, leading, and empowering the single-mom community.

She has named this business SMILE, which stands for Single Moms Inspiring, Leading, and Empowering. SMILE is located in Kansas City’s Northland. Servicing both Kansas and Missouri, SMILE is devoted to uplifting the single-mom community while hosting events and workshops throughout the year to provide the inspiration, leadership, and empowerment our single moms need in order to smile.

 SMILE is striving to make a huge impact by making global awareness of the lack of attention and assistance that exists concerning the heavily populated single-mom communities all across the world.

 SMILE’s ultimate goal is to be the liaison for single moms in need and local community outreaches and resources.

 J. D. Merrill has a passion to help women, and she is striving to make that known everywhere she goes. Ultimately, she hopes the concepts and principles written in this book will allow her the opportunities to share her story with single moms all across the world.

If you would like for J. D. Merrill to speak at your event, please contact her directly at [email protected]

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